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   Waterways Shipyard @ Udupi - India.

Introduction :

We are developing a shipyard over an area of around 60,000 sq m in Udupi District and Taluka, South Karnataka, India having therein construction bays, slipways, dry docks and other modern amenities.Our main object is to provide a facility to construct and repair ships as per the International Marine Standards and to provide our customers with superior quality products and timely services. The shipyard will be capable of building around 5 to 7 vessels at a time with the size being around 8000 DWT. We are developing the shipyard to construct and repair all types of vessels such as tankers, container, bulk carriers, tugs and also target the Oil and Gas exploration sector. We see a huge potential for shipbuilding and ship repairs in India as it is strategically located on various shipping routes that allow better access to West Asia (Middle – East) & South – East Asia.

The shipyard is located at Hungarkatta in Balekuduru Village of Udupi Taluka in Udupi District of Karnataka. It is located 11 Km towards North of Malphe Harbour and 58 Km North of Mangalore Port. National Highway 17 passes 1.5 Km away from the site and Konkan railway line is 7 Km away from the site. The nearest railway station is at Barkur, 11 Km away from the project site by road. The nearest town to the project site is Udupi, 18 Km away by road towards south. The nearest airport is at Mangalore, 50 Km away by road.

The shipyard is located on the eastern bank of the estuary formed by the confluence of Sita and Swarna rivers with the Arabian Sea. The estuary is about 550 m wide near the project site and opens to the sea just opposite to the proposed project site.

existing shed at udupi ship yard india

Our Existing Shed @ Udupi Shipyard, India

The Shipyard has the following advantages :

    • The mouth of the river for access to the sea is approximately 1 Km.
    • Sufficient waterfront area of around 210 mts.
    • Existing factory shed of area admeasuring 82,500 sq ft.
    • Existing office building (two floors) area admeasuring 11000 sq ft.
    • Power availability, existing 500 KVA transforme.r
    • Industrial land.
    • Proximity of 1.5 Km to the National Highway 17.
    • Proximity of 58 Km to Mangalore Port.
    • Proximity of 50 Km to Airport.
    • Proximity of 7 Km to Konkan railway line.
    • Wide Estuary of 550 m.
    • Existing navigational channel.
    • Land situated away from habitat.
    • The Hungarcutta-Malphe-Mangalore area is developing into a Ship Building Cluster.

    Existing Infrastructure:

    • Factory shed admeasuring 7200 sq m.
    • Office building admeasuring ground floor 515 sq m and first floor 551 sq. m.
    • Power transformer of 500 KV (upgradable to 1000 KV).

    Facilities at the Hungarcutta (udupi) Shipyard:

    The Company is developing Construction Bays, one Dry dock, one Slipway and one open fabrication area. The Construction Bays will be used for building blocks and assembling the ship. The open fabrication area will be used for pre-fabrication works, minor block building and construction of smaller crafts. The existing factory shed will house majority of the indoor construction activities and will be used for pre fabrication of panels, abrasive blasting plant, workshops, pipe outfit, carpentry, store, etc.

    Construction bays:

    Constructions Bays will be constructed consisting of reinforced concrete slabs on ground designed for heavy loads for ship building activities. Along the length of the bays, piling will be done in order to provide the necessary support for hoisting and operating a gantry crane.

    • Construction bay 1 : 135 m x 30 m
    • Construction bay 2 : 125 m x 30 m
    • Construction bay 3 : 135 m x 30 m

Dry Dock:

One number dry dock is being constructed. The dry Dock will have a depth of approximately 7.50 m with pile foundation anchored in rock to prevent uplift. Provision is being made for a gantry crane to run along the length of the dry dock. Dimensions of the dry dock : 130 m x 30 m.


One number slipway is being constructed.
Dimensions : 130 m x 25 m

Wet berth:

One number wet berth for outfitting of two vessels.

Shipyard Machinery and Equipment List Cutting Machines

CNC Cutting Machine
Optical Reader Profile Cutting Machine
Flamingo Cutting Machine
Profile Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Bending Machines

300 Tons Portal Press
240 Ton Press
100 Ton Press
50 Ton Press

Welding Machines

Submerged Arc Welding Machine.
Manual Metal Arc Welding Machine.
Co2 Gas Welding Machine.

Long Load Bed Lathe Machine

Sewage Treatment Plant

Back Up Dg Set : 750 Kva

Mobile Cranes :

10 Ton: Pick and carry hydraulic crane

15 Tons : Pick and carry hydraulic crane

23 Ton: Truck mounted crane

70 Tons : Crawler crane

Grantry Cranes :

50 Ton : Along the length of the dry dock

35 Ton : Along the length of each construction bay.

Hydraulic Power Jacks

400 Ton : 8 Nos

50 Ton : 6 Nos

Abrasive Blasting:

Airless Shot Blasting Machine (Tunnel Type).
Mobile Closed Circuit Continuous Grit Blasting Machine with Vacuum Recovery.

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